The Recruits

So you think you have what it takes to be a spy? Come and test your skills. See if you can pass our entrance exam. "Trust us...we're with the government." Escape our test suite in 60 minutes and we'll decide if you've got what it takes.

The Agency is looking for the best recruits available. All recruits will be tested in basic aspects of spy craft: Problem solving, creative thinking, escaping handcuffs and various bindings, decoding, communication skills, team aptitude, and time management under extreme pressure. This is your introduction into the world of subterfuge and a fulfilling career of ensuring the Governments' ability to assess potential threats through intelligence gathering by doing whatever it takes to protect the lives of civilians, here and abroad. The test is 60 minutes in an intense situational environment. The Agency only accepts the best candidates so come ready to put all of your skills to the test.


  • ​Introduction Suite for those new to Live Escape Rooms.

  • ​You will be handcuffed! Optional EZ remove handcuffs (or no handcuffs for the timid) available.

  • ​The room will be locked. There is a failsafe mechanism in case of emergency.

  • ​​A Suite for all ages! (We do require at least one adult to supervise younger minors in our Suites)

  • ​Clues are available at your discretion. It's up to you. Set your own level of fun and enjoyment. Want more of a challenge? Don't ask for clues. This increases the difficulty but certainly not the fun.

  • ​A linearly designed Theme. This design will keep the fun moving while introducing players to Live Escape Room basics.


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