The Council

The tension between the Dwarves and Elves is reaching a tipping point, and war seems imminent. The humans have stepped in to take over the peace talks with a council of the great men and women in the Kingdom. What is causing this strife, and how will you keep the attacks from occurring? You have one hour left to escape the council suite to reach the Dwarf King and Elven Elders to prevent a senseless war.

The Dwarves discovered something deep within their mines in the Thrain Mountain. Resting at the bottom on a shallow pool in a cave lay what was once the pride of the Elven King, The Heart of Truth. Having heard of the discovery, the Elves are seeking the return of this most sacred relic.

There is no record of how the Heart of Truth went missing, and the Dwarf King is questioning who is the rightful owner. After many failed meetings between the King and the Elders, the Heart of Truth has gone missing, and all talks have broken down. With both the Dwarves and the Elves accusing the other of absconding the relic, the two races are poised for war. That is unless the human intervene. Heroes form across the land, men and women of great renown have been called by the High Mage Kaine to form the Council and find the location of the Heart of Truth and how it went missing.

Come Heroes, one and all! Gather around the table of reason and find a resolve before it is too late. Find the Heart of Truth and become the legend to be told for generations to come!

The Council:

​​*Designed for up to 12 players.

*Full array of design concepts, utilizing multiple puzzle types.

*Non-linear design. Players may tackle any puzzle in any order.

*More challenging than previous Suites. This design steps up the difficulty, fun, and entertainment all at the same time.

*The room will be locked. There is a failsafe mechanism in case of emergency.

*A Suite for all ages! (We do require at least one adult to supervise younger minors in our Suites)

*Clues are available at your discretion. It's up to you. Set your own level of fun and enjoyment. Want more of a challenge? Don't use clues. This increases the difficulty but certainly not the fun.