Your information as a witness was mostly ignored in the original investigation into the serial killer "Knitter" who is still at large. Years later, you're contacted by a newspaper journalist with new information that believes you were more helpful than previously thought. She's reached out to you and other witnesses to compare notes because she thinks she knows the identity of the "Knitter." A man by the name of Poindexter. Now it's up to you and the other witnesses to come together to stop him from weaving another escape....or sewing up another victim!

Due to the graphic nature of this theme, ages 14 and under will not be allowed to participate. All minors, 17 and under MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian.
No exceptions will be made.

-A game designed for 2-6 players.
-This is a small room. Poindexter likes close and personal. 2-4 players may feel less constrained.
-A linear design unless you're skilled at this particular knitting technique.
-There is glass in this room you will be handling, use caution, not caffeine.
-No animals were harmed in the creation of this game...though Poindexter may have a difference of opinion.
-There is a failsafe key to leave the room at any time.
-If you're looking for kid-friendly, this game isn't it. Please see any of our other games.