Suite Escape

715 S. Lamar, Amarillo, TX, 79106

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More than puzzles & locks

Amarillo's Original Escape Room

Our games challenge your thinking in themed rooms that are

fully immersive and far from the ordinary.

"What a FUN experience! So nice to have something other than video games and the same old things...

Very creative and encourages strategic thinking and teamwork! We'll be back for sure!!" - Whitney


It's come down to you against "The Knitter." 

Can you and your team beat Poindexter at

his own game?  You only have an hour 

before he returns to sew up his latest 

project.  YOU!



The unthinkable has happened. Your parents just got a call from school… and just wait until your father gets home. 

Now, your delinquent behavior has landed you in hot water and you've been grounded to your room to do your homework. To make matters worse, your dad has locked you in from the outside. He has left you a slew of crazy puzzles that you must solve before you can get out.

Sirens  Song

Sirens Song is the pirate ship of a legendary captain, and it has ominously reappeared. You must locate the captain's journal of hidden treasure locations and solve the mystery to remove the curse, or else you may also find yourselves lost at sea.  




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By Appointment


By Appointment


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12:00PM - 11:00PM


12:00PM - 11:00PM

If you don't see a time available, please call us so that we can accommodate you.