Grounded!! Again?!!

It looks like your carefree days running around have finally caught up with you. The school called your parents to report on your misbehavior, and you have been sent to your room until all your homework is done. And now with your dad’s twisted sense of discipline to figure out, you will be hard-pressed to get to the supper table on time! ARRGGGGHHH!! This is SO unfair!!

*Designed for up to 6 players.

*Introduces new design concepts, utilizing multiple puzzle types.

*Non-linear design. Players may tackle any puzzle in any order.

*Another challenging Suite designed around the many Escape Game Apps.

*The room will be locked. There is a failsafe mechanism in case of emergency.

*A Suite for all ages! (We do require at least one adult to supervise younger minors in our Suites)

*Clues are available at your discretion. It's up to you. Set your own level of fun and enjoyment. Want more of a challenge? Don't use clues. This increases the difficulty but certainly not the fun.