First Assignment


Dr. Dravarian of the CDC has gone missing!  It's up to you to figure out what he was working on and find him.  Did he go rogue? Was he forced in to hiding? Kidnapped?! Or worse!  You're off to a secret location on your first clandestine mission for the Agency.  

The story continues!  Part II in the ongoing Agency Cases!  

After passing the initiative of The Recruits and becoming an Agent, you've been dispatched to your First Assignment.  Dr. Dravarian has been missing for two days.  As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dravarian had access to everything contained at the CDC, but the facility isn't revealing anything about the Doctors' work, or granting outside agencies access.  It's your job to go in discretely and deduce all you can before the window of opportunity closes!    


  • ​This Suite is designed for 2-6 players.

  • ​Building on The Recruits introduction to Live Escape Rooms, this Suite introduces you to a wider range of puzzle designs and concepts.

  • ​While the Theme is mostly linear, expect some twists to keep you on your game.

  • ​A Suite for all ages! (We do require at least one adult to supervise younger minors in our Suites)

  • ​The door will be locked. There is a failsafe mechanism in case of emergency.

  • Clues are available at your discretion. It's up to you. Set your own level of fun and enjoyment. Want more of a challenge? Don't ask for clues. This increases the difficulty but certainly not the fun.