Creeped Out

If you're going to survive you'll have to do it in 15 minutes! Step into an abandoned insane asylum to save a young lady you've seen get dragged in by a lurking mysterious figure. You'll have to go room to room to find out how to save her quickly before she suffers at the hands of her abductor. Her fate is up to you! Be prepared, as the asylum is long known to be a dangerous and creepy location.

Welcome to the Insane Asylum, we're sure you will not enjoy your stay. Make a fast attempt to rescue the abducted young lady, but be prepared because you never know what may be waiting just around the corner. You will have to find a way to rescue the lady while stepping through dark and creepy rooms! Is the lurking figure still there? Is it Creep, an escaped former resident rumoured to be afflicted both mentally AND physically? Will you be the hero or another victim? Can you get yourself and the young lady out in time? It's dark. It's dangerous. It's fast paced! It's Creeped OUT!


  • ​This Suite is designed for 1-6 players. A solo run? Only if no one else books your time slot. Chances are, you'll get CREEPED. The fewer that join, the more difficult it will be.

  • ​This is what you've been asking for: A multi-room creepfest. Try to keep it together.

  • ​A Suite that's a real race against the clock, non-linear, heart racing dash. The 15 minute timer is the toughest challenge...unless you're squeamish.

  • ​This Suite is for ages 10+. Due to the nature of the Theme, young children should not be booked without parental participation. (We do require at least one paying adult to supervise any minors in our Suites)

  • ​The door will be locked. There is a failsafe mechanism in case of emergency.

  • Hints are available if you're not too creeped out to find them. Otherwise, you're on your own. Set your own level of fun and enjoyment. Want more of a challenge? Don't look for hints. This increases the difficulty but certainly not the fun.


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