Winds of Change

Gone with the wind! So our immersive plan for Poindexter fell apart. There were too many moving parts that we couldn't quite get put together well enough for a quality experience within the time frame we had in place. Our efforts to find a bigger home also got blown away. While the wind seems to always be in our face we continue to press forward, a bit discouraged, but undaunted. We will eventually release an immersive game and we will eventually find a bigger building. After all, we can do better and we know it. Several designs were completed when we thought we had a larger place. They're just waiting for the space to grow. For now we'll work with what we have and what we have right now is a fantastic customer base that we refuse to let down.

With that always in mind, we've finished a few more designs for the space we do have. We're continually striving to up our game(s) and present a wider array of puzzles to keep you on your toes so we've chosen a couple of exciting designs we're looking forward to building. We think you're going to enjoy the madness and eloquence involved, and we'll be working on getting them in place for your consumption as space and time allow. And the wind. Always the wind.

There are other things going on behind the scenes as well. We can't say what just yet, but for escape room enthusiasts, it should be good. Too much is still up in the air but we're hopeful that when the dust settles, everyone who loves escape games as much as we do will benefit. Hang on to your hats folks! You never know when the winds will change.