Escape rooms are like a box of chocolates


All Dressed Up And No Where To Go...

Date nights can be an amazing, magical time you hope never ends... They can also be super awkward. But a date to one of our awesome escape rooms can be both at the same time!

Shake it up this Valentine’s Day a little and do something different. Whether or not you have tried escape rooms before, we are 100% positive you will have a night you will never forget (and we are 90% sure that is a good thing).

Don't make the mistake of booking last minute. You don’t want to be caught up date creek without a paddle. The old I-thought-it-would-be-romantic-to-cook-you-dinner-and-watch-a-movie-starring-john-cusack-trick only works once, and you’ve probably already used it up.

- Maître d'Suite Escape