Cabin Fever!!

After being cooped up all winter, we have stretched our mental muscles and started building again. And that is great for everyone because it means there is a new escape room coming in a few weeks.

You may have already heard that we retired First Assignment to get ready for this new one. It is going to be called [censored]. Oh you thought I would give away the name and theme that easy? And now you are expecting some sort of riddle to figure it out?

Well you never know... you will have to stay tuned to our Facebook page and the BLAHG! for clues.

But seriously, this new room is going to be awesome. We are shooting for around the first of May, but since El Capitan is ready for this one's maiden voyage, we may start testing the room a week or so before. If you want to be a tester, make sure you sign up for our email updates, and we can let you know the details when it is closer.

And for everyone, we want to stay connected and keep you updated as well, so don’t forget to enter your email address. Fun stuff is all we will be sending. I promise.