a word from our sponsors...

So we've been asked since we first opened up here at Suite Escape for a "scary" game. To find out what you (our sponsors) might find scary and fun we did a poll and quickly found that most people's idea of scary and our idea of scary were worlds apart. Escape rooms aren't haunted houses and while there have been some good designs with actors in the room, that's just not our idea of scary fun. Some of you may remember and participated in "Creeped Out" that we did last year. We incorporated creepy things and yes, Lucy did jump out and say hello to quite a few of you. ;c) She's still around greeting anyone curious enough to meet her. Anyway, we prefer a different kind of scary. The psychological thrillers. Tension. Creepy. Pressure. You get the idea. Don't think we aren't listening to you, we are. But we'll leave jumpy scares to the haunted houses. We have some really good ones in Amarillo so if that's your thing we encourage you to check them out.

We do escape games. So in answer to your requests for scary, we're putting together a design we think you'll enjoy. Currently, we're trying for something new in the industry with this game. For those of you who like general escape rooms you can still book this room like any other. For the escape enthusiasts out there, (hopefully) you'll have the option to book no less than a week out from the day you want to do the game. You'll have to cough up some email addys for everyone participating. Don't worry, we don't abuse email accounts, this is strictly for this particular design. You can use your "other" addy if you feel the need. Just be sure you check it frequently as the days draw closer to your booking. Our plan is to send pictures, and a website link over the course of the week that lets you start playing the room's prologue and prepare you for what's in store for you once we lock you up. It won't cost more to do the immersive version. It's still $20/person. Hopefully, you, our sponsors, will be able to take part in a new level of escape games with a psycho-thriller theme.

Time to head back into the room. It's almost dark. We have to capture that ambiance. :c)