Are "smart" and "stupid" just words we throw around? We hear those two words all too often. Do they mean what we think they mean? Let's check.

smart (smärt) adj. smart·er, smart·est 1. a. Having or showing intelligence; bright.

stu·pid (sto͞o′pĭd, styo͞o′-) adj. stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est 3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care

Intelligence, it seems, is the basis comparative. Let's look.

in·tel·li·gence (ĭn-tĕl′ə-jəns) n. 1. The ability to acquire, understand, and use knowledge

As fleshbags, we like to think of ourselves as "intelligent beings," which brings us back to the issue. If "having intelligence" makes us smart, then as humans, we're ...

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Gone with the wind! So our immersive plan for Poindexter fell apart. There were too many moving parts that we couldn't quite get put together well enough for a quality experience within the time frame we had in place. Our efforts to find a bigger home also got blown away. While the wind seems to always be in our face we continue to press forward, a bit discouraged, but undaunted. We will eventually release an immersive game and we will eventually find a bigger building. After all, we can do better and we know it. Several designs were completed when we thought we had a larger place. They're just waiting for the space to grow. For now we'll work with what we have and what we have right now is a fantastic customer base that we refu...

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So we've been asked since we first opened up here at Suite Escape for a "scary" game. To find out what you (our sponsors) might find scary and fun we did a poll and quickly found that most people's idea of scary and our idea of scary were worlds apart. Escape rooms aren't haunted houses and while there have been some good designs with actors in the room, that's just not our idea of scary fun. Some of you may remember and participated in "Creeped Out" that we did last year. We incorporated creepy things and yes, Lucy did jump out and say hello to quite a few of you. ;c) She's still around greeting anyone curious enough to meet her. Anyway, we prefer a different kind of scary. The psychological thrillers. Tension. Creepy. Pressur...

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...Thank you Amazon for the fun toys we got.

Hope all of our escape artists are getting ready for the next room.

Bon Voyage!

Maître d'Suite Escape

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After being cooped up all winter, we have stretched our mental muscles and started building again. And that is great for everyone because it means there is a new escape room coming in a few weeks.

You may have already heard that we retired First Assignment to get ready for this new one. It is going to be called [censored]. Oh you thought I would give away the name and theme that easy? And now you are expecting some sort of riddle to figure it out?

Well you never know... you will have to stay tuned to our Facebook page and the BLAHG! for clues.

But seriously, this new room is going to be awesome. We are shooting for around the first of May, but since El Capitan is ready for this one's maiden voyage, we may start testing the room a week or...

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All Dressed Up And No Where To Go...

Date nights can be an amazing, magical time you hope never ends... They can also be super awkward. But a date to one of our awesome escape rooms can be both at the same time!

Shake it up this Valentine’s Day a little and do something different. Whether or not you have tried escape rooms before, we are 100% positive you will have a night you will never forget (and we are 90% sure that is a good thing).

Don't make the mistake of booking last minute. You don’t want to be caught up date creek without a paddle. The old I-thought-it-would-be-romantic-to-cook-you-dinner-and-watch-a-movie-starring-john-cusack-trick only works once, and you’ve probably already used it up.

- Maître d'Suite Escape

This Experiential Treatment could very well change your life

It is true that 99% of those over the age of 18 will develop a chronic condition known as adultism. While most learn to cope with the excessive bouts of responsibility associated with the condition, doctors across the board agree that therapeutic treatments by Escape Related Activities have been known to reduce some of the side effects caused by adultism.

Suite Escape offers a proven therapy to all those who suffer. We hope that our years of exposure to adultistic stimuli has allowed us to develop a proper therapeutic regimen that all those who suffer can benefit from.

Call us today for a free consultation and see if Escape Rooms are right for you.

*This treatment is not FDA approved

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