Suite Escape

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CHallenge Accepted.

"We had lots of fun!! Will definitely be back to take on the next challenge!!

THANKS for giving Amarillo something different for entertaining ourselves!" - Brittanie

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell! We are game designers and enthusiasts bent on

creating the most challenging and fun experience for everyone. All our games

are designed here and only available in Amarillo, so don’t miss out!


The tension between the Dwarves and Elves is reaching a tipping point.  Humans are stepping in to take over the peace talks with a council of the great men and women in the Kingdom. What is causing this strife, and how will you keep the attacks from occurring? You have one hour to solve the mysterious disappearance of the Heartstone to prevent a senseless war.


Dr. Dravarian of the CDC has gone missing!  It's up to you to figure out what he was working on and find him.  Did he go rogue? Was he forced in to hiding? Kidnapped?! Or worse!  You're off to a secret location on your first clandestine mission for the Agency. 


Your First Assignment into the disappearance of Dr. Dravarian as the Agency came across the unsolved death of the doctor’s father, Cassel Dravarian. The cases may be related, and the Agency is determined to find out how!



The unthinkable has happened. Your parents just got a call from school… and just wait until your father gets home. 

Now, your delinquent behavior has landed you in hot water and you've been grounded to your room to do your homework. To make matters worse, your dad has locked you in from the outside. He has left you a slew of crazy puzzles that you must solve before you can get out.




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